Technology Services & Technology Logistics Solutions

Technology Logistics: Critical spare parts management and faster time to market

TVS Logistics understands the significance of on-demand critical spare parts availability and the vital role of technical support. Our Technology Logistics Solutions include all logistical activities that support the servicing of a sold product throughout its lifecycle with the aim to reduce down time for critical components; including managing replacements, reverse logistics, spare parts logistics and field engineers.

TVS Logistics offersunique and seamless Distribution Management and Inventory Management services across 15 European Countries, and India. Our services include;

  • Warehousing (NDC/FSL)
  • Service Logistics
  • Premium Next Day Delivery
  • European Airbridge Solutions

This is ably supported by infrastructure comprising of 150 forward stock locations (FSLs), 350 pick-up and drop-off (PUDO) locations and over 1500 intelligent locker locations throughout Europe. In India, with over 100 forward stock locations (FSLs) and highest quality resources, TVS logistics is able to offer Service Logistics - Same Day & Premium Next Day Delivery for a rapid response on courier orders and storage of inventory close to customer locations. Furthermore, our TRACE™ software allows customers to track the progress of dispatches in real-time, at all times.

Technology Services: Field Support Services

Technology Services provides Technical Courier, Break/Fix field engineering, IMAC, rollout projects, desk-side support, Flex & Agency services throughout the UK&I and Europe.Our experienced field support management team and our pool of field engineers, work within a wide range of sectors including retail, medical, hospitality and banking and offer services which can be tailored to suit all business requirements.

TVS Logistics’ large bank of multi-skilled technology personnel, Couriers and field engineers are supported by extensive network of forward stock locations (FSLs), PUDO’s, Box and boot solutions – our customers are therefore able to completely outsource their technical engineering to us. In addition to this, TVS Logistics also providescustomers with personnel to augments their own resources at peak times or for projects. TVS Logistics provides the best possible training to guarantee the highest quality of service, supported by leading edge real-time communications and IT – TRACE™, to track the progress of tickets and spare parts to ensure the highest possible standard of service delivery.

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